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I am so grateful for your wonderful studio and teachers. For the first time in three years, 40 pounds lighter, three rounds of infertility treatments, and one joy of a baby, I can wear my jeans again! And I give so much credit to my time on the mat in your studio. Thank you for helping me regain my health and sense of self! -Jen

Our hamstring / muscle pulls decreased drastically during training camp, which is a time that you usually see more of these type of injuries. The players loved the class and it forced them to think about their bodies in a whole new way. -Jim Knowles, Head Coach, Cornell University Football on the effects Bikram Yoga has had on his players after practicing Bikram in the pre-season.

I want to thank you for the life altering experience of BYML. You have given me the greatest gift by restoring my health, my confidence and my emotional balance. Because I am stronger in every way, I can reach out and help more people in my own business where we deal with women and breast cancer every day. I am better for my clients, my employees and my family because of BYML! -Amy

BYML changes lives. -Charlie

BYML is designed for EVERYONE. We are our own individuals and we must listen to the unique messages our bodes send us. You can always take breaks during class, skip one set of each posture if you feel a need and you can ask the instructor for some specific modifications. Time at BYML will be your friend. I am confident you will live a longer, healthier life ahead of you... just keep the faith and TRY! -Laura

I didn't find BYML... it found me exactly when my life needed it most. Five years later, it has become my spiritual, physical and emotional sanctuary. Free of judgements, free of stress, free of worries. Just deep breathing, detoxification, a sense of community and reminding me every single day to make each day count. Namaste. -Tyl

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