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511 Old Lancaster Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312

TEL: (610) 640 - YOGA (9642)

Location Note:
The studio is situated just off Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn behind Casey's Pub, next to the Bagel Factory. On Lancaster Ave, look for the intersection at Handel's Ice Cream and Papa John's Pizza!

There are many Old Lancaster Avenues. Do not trust Mapquest, Google Maps or your GPS - You must look for Handel's Ice Cream & Papa John's Pizza on Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, and you will see us behind Papa John's, we share our entrance with Allstate Insurance.

Parking: There is designated parking for BYML students all times of day in the double deck parking garage located behind Yang's Farmer's Market and Aneu Restaurant. Avoid the crowded & limited parking lot spaces, park in the upper deck and take the stairs conveniently to the sidewalk that leads to BYML! shared entrance.


Expect to sweat. The room is heated and sweating is an intentional component of bikram yoga that is used to cleanse toxins from your body and to help you stretch more deeply through your muscles and joints.

Expect to be challenged. Bikram's Yoga, from the very first class, will work every part of your body from the inside out. You will use every muscle, every joint, every system of the body. Expect to be exhausted when the class is over and totally energized after you leave the room. This class is not easy for anyone, so expect to work hard and get a great total body workout.

Expect your body to change
. Your body will open, your mind will be more at ease. Back pain will disappear, joint stiffness will decrease. You will start to breathe more easily and more deeply. Your circulation will improve. Your hard work will pay off in ways you never dreamed possible.


What if I have injuries or illnesses?

Please let the teacher know if you are or could be pregnant. Practicing Bikram's Hot Yoga is not recommended during pregnancy. If you've had surgery or have any injuries, illnesses, or special conditions, such as high blood pressure or low blood sugar, please ensure the teacher is aware of these conditions before your first class. You can still do most yoga postures, with a few modifications that the teacher will show you. Each student of Bikram Yoga must approach this class at a pace that works for your individual well-being. Please go to the Bikram Yoga testimonials page to read about how people just like you with aches, pains and severe illness have improved their lives through Bikram Yoga.

How long is class?

Bikram's Beginning Hatha Yoga class is 90 minutes in length.

How often should I come?

Come as often as you can. A daily practice from the beginning can relax into a regimen of 3 or 4 times per week. You'll find you want to do this practice. It's fun! It works! You will start organizing your schedule to fit it in. In fact, the harder this yoga is for you initially, the more you need to do it and the more you are going to benefit from it. The time and effort you put into Bikram Yoga will be returned to you tenfold.

How do I get started?

Drop-in any time to any class on the schedule and arrive 15 minutes before class time. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED. Young/old, fat/thin - the best thing you can do for yourself is just come to your first class. The hardest part of the class is walking through the front door! Everyone is timid and nervous before their first class. Many of the Yogis at BYML are brand new today and will in only a few weeks look back with confidence remembering their first class as scary and intimidating but the best decision of their lives. All classes are open to all levels of ability. When you arrive for your first class, you will talk briefly with the teacher before class. Let the teacher know that it is your first class and tell him/her if you have any aches or pains. You will fill out a brief form and the teacher will talk to you about exactly what to expect during class. In class, the teacher will guide you step by step through the entire class! Your first class will be a challenge, but 98% of BYML Yogis come back for a second class. 90% of BYML students continue the Yoga beyond the first week! Bikram Yoga is so popular because it works. Your body and your life will change.

Why the heat?

The studio is heated to a temperature between 105 and 110 degrees to help students achieve increased flexibility, detoxification, and mental clarity. Cold, stiff muscles have limited range of motion. When the room is warm, so are your muscles. Warm muscles are more receptive to transformation enabling you to get a deeper stretch. Other benefits of the heat include: body detoxification (a full body facial), blood thinning to clear the circulatory system, increased heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout, and an improved strength by putting muscle tissue in an optimal state for reorganization. Warm bodies are much more flexible which dramatically decreases the chance of injury. Using heat enables students to maximize each class by getting deeper into each posture. The result for each student is breakthrough levels of flexibility, strength, and balance.

What if I can’t handle the heat?

If the heat creates extreme discomfort for you in the beginning, don’t be discouraged. All you need is strength and determination to take four classes in one week. This will dramatically increase your tolerance. You can always sit though a posture and rest on your mat for a few seconds before rejoining the class. You will be amazed how quickly your body adapts to the heat, and soon your body will crave it.

How hydrated should I be?

Please be sufficiently hydrated before class. Drink AT LEAST 64oz. of water daily. You will find that class is much easier if you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible before class. Please stop drinking 45 minutes before class so that using the bathroom will not be an issue during class. You should drink plenty of water everyday, this is better than just drinking water during class. But please be sure that you drink plenty of water before, during and after class. With Bikram Yoga, you are simultaneously cleansing all the systems of your body from the inside out. It is important to stay hydrated so your elimination systems (bowel, urinary, and skin) can support your efforts.

Can I eat before class?

You should come to class on an empty stomach. You should not have food for 1-3 hours before class. If you need to, you can drink juice or eat an energy bar or some fruit up to 1 hour before class for fuel and energy. It is most comfortable to practice this yoga on an empty stomach, but you must also remember that you need nutritious fuel to get you through the 90 minutes and avoid fatigue.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Since the room is heated and the class is a vigorous 90 minutes, it is best to wear clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Women should wear tight fitting shorts, (wicking, breathable material is best) and a jog bra or athletic top. No Pants! You should be able to see your knees in the balancing postures. Avoid loose fitting clothes, you need to be able to see your body in the mirror as you practice to check your alignment. Men should wear athletic shorts or bathing suit bottoms. T-shirts are optional. You will not be comfortable in sweat pants. Remember – it's hot and you will be sweating!

If you own a yoga mat, please bring your mat and a large size bath towel. If you do not own a mat you can rent or buy one at the studio. Towels are available for rent and Yogitoes towels and water are available for purchase.

Most important things to bring to class: An open mind and a positive attitude.


Do you have separate classes for beginners?

No. All levels and abilities take the class together. Having experienced students in the class with brand new beginners is a great way to illustrate to beginners the potential of the poses. Eventually, as you do the yoga enough, you will be able to achieve the same fullness of the poses. The Yoga manifests itself in your body, so be careful not to focus too much on others. Focus on yourself and the Yoga will bloom within you, and you will open up like a lotus flower. No one is advanced in Bikram's Yoga. Some students are only more experienced because they have practiced longer. Remember, they too had a very first class!

What if I’m not flexible?

Have no fear. Most first time students share the same concern, and that’s why we’re here- to help you become more flexible and change your body! Flexibility is your birthright-you just have to get it back. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. Just give 100% effort and you will see your flexibility improve.

Can I lose weight?

Absolutely! However, consistency is the key to success. If you practice Bikram Yoga with dedication and patience, you will lose weight and keep it off. You will also gain muscle tone and strength to give your body definition and beauty.

Will I get a cardiovascular workout?

The best part about this yoga is that you don't feel like you have to still go to the gym after this yoga class. You will be amazed at the cardiovascular workout you’ll get in this 90 minute class. No matter how in shape or out of shape you may be, this type of yoga will be a challenge that you will never outgrow. To get the most from this cardiovascular workout, you must hold the postures for the full count and work with an honest 100% effort and continuous breathing. Bikram Yoga class is the one-stop shop for your stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular workout all in one class.

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